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Our Philosophy

Sanjung means Gazebo in the mountains or resting place. The philosophy that is the inspiration for this restaurant as a pleasant place, ideal to unwind. Even if you come alone or with family and friends, Sanjung is like a second home for you.

Our Specialty Taste

Sanjung gives a distinctive taste korea, because the chef and his raw materials come directly from Korea. Many indigenous people of Korea and Indonesia People who’ve tasted the typical food in Korea, is very satisfied with the taste typical dishes served in Sanjung. Because the authenticity of a typical Korean taste the same as in his home country.

Excellent Quality

Our restaurant is conveniently located within reach. The facilities and services we provide best quality. Similarly, Master Chef and raw materials that we bring directly from Korea.

Sanjung is The Real korean Barbeque.


Sanjung's Master Chef

Master Chef Kho was born in the Jenju city, Jeon La province, located west of Korea. A well known area as the center of art and art, making that region have the most delicious Korean cuisine.

Master Chef Kho since learned to cook until experienced for 35 years, then moved to Seoul, in a famous restaurant named Neulbom Garden, located in Gangnam area.

Then Master Chef Kho’s work in Sanjung Karawaci as a Master Chef. He also maintain the quality of the cuisine in Sanjung both branches located in Karawaci and Cikarang.